Our Family, My Story

Loving Little Learners has evolved from a life long passion. From my school of dollys, to my experiences as an early childhood educator, to tertiary study, and now through the journey of motherhood. 

I am grateful everyday for the opportunity to be a mum to my two beautiful children. I find that there is nothing more rewarding than watching my children develop through their early years. Experience and education led me to an interest in sensory based play, now my journey as a mother has driven home the benefits.

My son Ari is a very active toddler, he loves nothing more than 'crashing, smashing and bashing.' Sensory play often provides an opportunity for a different learning experience where he can delve deep into his inquisitive nature. I love watching him explore, investigate and enquire with open ended resources. it is times like these that create a little bit of calm in our everyday.

My little Mary Mae is such a joy, each day I am offering her new and exciting sensory experiences that help her connect with, and learn about her world. I feel very passionate about offering these type of learning experiences from birth and through the early years.