Our New Collection - Baby Bonding Box

Hello there- and welcome! My name is Laura, and this is my beautiful family. I am so happy to have you here. 

I am the creator of Loving Little Learners- my company which stems from my love and interest in early childhood education. My passion has developed over the years, especially as I have welcomed my two beautiful children into the world. My son Ari and daughter Mary are everything to me. They have given all sense of purpose to my family, my life, and my company.

Another month has come and gone, and I find myself reflecting on the many adventures, milestones, and special moments our little family has experienced during this time. As special and new as each one is to me, I take comfort in knowing that other mums and parents around the world are sharing in these moments with their little ones, as well.

Recently, my son Ari has been struggling as his little self turns over a new developmental leaf. Emotions, big and small, are central to all activities, decisions, and situations. I have observed and supported him as he has tried his best to manage his emotions. That means a LOT of patience and talking as I help him feel regulated in a way that keeps both him and his sister safe.

While managing his emotions is an ongoing process, I have been so proud to watch Ari work hard as he practices naming his feelings and embracing how they impact him. This last week, he seemed to have turned a corner! He and Mary had a beautiful week, full of love and affection.

Aside from working through Ari’s natural developmental journey, we have kept ourselves busy with some amazing activities! One of our favourites has been salt tray writing to practice letter shapes. We took letter inspiration from our beautiful cards from @jocollierdesigns.

Another activity that we have been loving is our sight words board. We use this board to practice recognising high-frequency sight words, word identification, and even building sentences.

I find myself in awe of my little ones. One of the most beautiful things is to see the world through their eyes: full of curiosity, optimism, and a desire to explore and learn! At times, I find myself reminiscing about how far they have come over the all-too-short years. It’s incredible how their newborn days feel like a lifetime ago, while simultaneously feeling like they were just yesterday. 

Speaking of newborns, I would LOVE to share with you the news of my most recent collection: the Newborn Bonding Collection

This collection is dear to my heart, as it was created to support parents in their journey to bond with their baby during one of the most important times of their child’s life. Becoming a new parent is overwhelming at best, but thanks to the items in our collection, you can take on your new role with poise, relaxation, and joy!

In this beautiful box of items, the new parents will find:

  • 1 bunny comforter
  • 4 bamboo washcloths
  • 1 set of 14 rainbow milestone discs
  • 1 set of baby whispers cards

This collection is a perfect gift for a new or expecting parent, not only for the items inside but for the beautiful, attached relationship between a parent and child that it represents!

While working through tough times and learning curves with our kids is not always easy, it is always worth it when we find ourselves on the other end. Our children are only little once, and each day we get to spend embracing this life with them is a gift! 

Laura. Xo