There’s no doubt that our little ones are born curious, and ready to learn. From the moment they arrive, they use their senses to explore the world around them - taste, sight, sound, touch and smell; also, less frequently mentioned senses such as movement and balance. These senses allow our little ones to test their environment, process information and begin to understand their world.

Providing children with sensory, open ended play, supports the development of language, motor skills, creativity, problem solving and scientific processes. It encourages independent play and builds the pathways in the brain that support higher complex learning activities.

Our play boxes and sensory kits are open ended and designed to take the hard work out for busy parents. Each individual kit is designed to spark your child’s natural desire to engage in sensory play. We include all of the materials that you need, plus a ‘how to’ guide with photos and information to easily set up an inviting and exciting sensory experience for your child. You can then choose to sit back and watch your child immerse themselves in the experience, or connect with your inner child and play along!

Sensory play is the go to in our house and these sensory kits are some of our most loved. We hope that your children get as much enjoyment out of them as ours have.