We support MIA by donating $1 of all sales to these beautiful children. Thanks for helping to make a difference to their lives.

Mission in Action Kenya is home to 72 amazing children, It was founded in 2004 by an Australian man Ivan and his family. Ivan and his wife Damaris run the home and care for all of the children along with their staff. Once Ivan and his family relocated to Kenya they noticed a lack of care for newborn abandoned babies. They made the move to Kenya to make a difference and with this intention they started the first babies home in Nakuru Kenya. Since then they have grown and continued to focus on orphan prevention, family reunification and family strengthening. Ivan and Damaris have created a home for children to grow, to focus on their education, to feel safe, to be loved, and most Importantly to be part of a family. 

I had the pleasure of visiting and volunteering at Mission in Action in 2014, As Ivan was originally from my home region I always felt a strong connection to Mission in Action and always had dreams of visiting, it was definitely a dream come true! I had the opportunity to experience the joy of these children and witness how they were educated through their schooling system. I saw the strong bonds they have built with Ivan, Damaris and the staff and the love and respect they had for one another. They are one big beautiful family.

Since visiting Mission in Action they have continued to support mothers in reuniting and caring for their babies long term. They developed the 'One Tribe Mamas' project providing vulnerable mothers with skills, education and opportunities. Mamas who once thought their only option was to abandon their baby. No mother should feel as though abandonment is their only option. Mission in Action strongly believe that the best place for a child is with their family, they also work with families of older children to reintegrate and build positive relationships with their family members. This can be a very long process and to ensure children are safely cared for and best looked after they offer start up skills, mentoring and small business training.

I have personally sponsored two children from MIA since my visit back in 2014, I feel very honoured to continue supporting Mission in Action in the the amazing work they have done and continue to do on a day to day. They not only support their children and families but also work very closely with the wider community of Nakuru Kenya. We hope to get back to Nakuru one day and take our children along to meet the children and begin to build new relationships with them. 

By making a purchase through our website you are making a difference to these little lives. If you would like to support mission in Action further or sponsor a child head over to their website for more details.