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Baby Whispers Affirmation Cards


FUN With Your BABY

Our Baby Whispers Card description:

26 beautifully hand designed cards spoken from baby to you. Each card is intended to support mothers, fathers, grandparents and carers remember the 'why.' To slow down, to take it all in, and cherish each and every moment. To let go of any personal judgements, comparisons or guilt, and embrace the special moments, just you and baby.

Beautiful baby whispers reminding you that the long, and sometimes lonely nights, the sacrifices and the simplicity of day to day don't go unnoticed. To reflect on what you do for each other and appreciate both yourself and baby. You are seen, you are heard, you are loved. These first years are so special, and they are the moments when a lifetime bond is formed.

The pack of cards come packaged in a beautiful tin and come with a wooden stand for the card of the day. They will not only help you through the hard days but they will look beautiful on the nursery shelf.

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