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Daily Routine Chart


27 Individual Tiles

Calm the chaos in the mornings with our Daily Routine charts. Help your child feel in control, learn responsibility and become more independent by turning tasks into teaching.


All families need some type of routine in place to establish a sense of security. Children often fear the unknown, that’s why a routine brings comfort and consistency and offers stability during times of change and distress.

Establishing expectations will make simple requests less of a power struggle. It creates a calmer household when a child has a predictable day, it helps reduce stress and anxiety in the house and reminds them that they are in a loving and secure environment.

Made from locally sourced sustainably grown timber, visually stunning, packed full of features and interactive with kids.



  • 1 Eco Board Routine Chart
  • 25 Various tiles
  • 2 Customizable clear Acrylic tiles
  • 1 Fine tip whiteboard marker
  • Board Dimension: 30cm x 40cm
  • Tiles Dimension: 4.5cm x 3.5cm HOW TO:Weekly- Gather the family and plan your week, find the corresponding tiles or create your own with our clear acrylic tiles + whiteboard marker, and arrange the activities for that week on the weekly chart.

    Daily- Choose and organise your desired tiles for morning routine and place them in order towards the right “To Do” side. Once each task is completed, slide that tile to the left marked “Done”. After all is completed the Star will reveal itself, Well Done! Repeat the same for Afternoon and Night routine. To get ready for next day, simply slide each row back to the right and you’re ready to go!



    Wake up, Make bed, Breakfast, Get changed, Brush teeth, Comb hair, Pack bag, Shoes on, Go to school, Snack, Homework, Practice, Exercise, Free time, TV, Dinner, Pack up toys, Shower, Teeth & Floss, Story time, Goodnight, Clean bedroom, Empty bin, Wash dishes, Help cook.


    Is there a specific tile you want that’s not in the pack?

    Not to worry, we know every family is different, that’s why we’ve added an extra 2x Clear acrylic tile for you to customize with a whiteboard marker to suit your family’s needs

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